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Writers’ Business Cards

Posted by Meredith in Writing Advice (February 8, 2010 at 9:41 pm)

Question: Is it okay to put my phone number or address on my writing business cards? What about a photo?

Meredith’s Answer:

I would strongly recommend NOT putting your home phone/address on it. You don’t want to compromise your privacy that way. People are sometimes weird about writers–especially once you get published, you’re sort of a semi-celebrity once people realize you are a published author. You want to protect your private information.

If you’re giving out cards to editors or agents, your email address will be plenty for them to contact you, and your mailing address should be on every page of your book proposals anyway, so you don’t need to put it on the card.

A picture is fine, but only if it’s a professional-looking publicity type photo. No snapshots. Otherwise, keep it simple and just have your name and website and email address on it.

I would also recommend spending the money to have it professionally printed. I use and love it. You can even have it designed for you or choose a design off the website. It really is so much nicer looking than printing it yourself.

Good luck!