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Congratulations! You’ve completed your novel manuscript! Now what?

  • Writer in need of fiction editorAre you a writer of full-length adult or YA fiction that has had it up to HERE with rejections for your manuscript?
  • Are the limitations of critique groups (or the lack of a good critique group) frustrating you?
  • Are you nervous about showing your manuscript to an agent or editor?
  • Are you an indie author ready to self-publish your e-book and want it to have the best possible chance of success?
  • Do you know deep in your heart that your writing would sizzle, if only someone could show you what’s holding you back?
  • Do you wish your creative flow was a gushing river instead of a miserly trickle?

If you’ve reached this point in your fiction writing journey, chances are you really do have the talent and drive to succeed. It’s easy to doubt this, though, when you are racking up rejection slips, or—if you’re already a published fiction writer—your sales numbers are lackluster. Sometimes, you’re so tempted to quit. You wish there was someone you could rely on to give you honest feedback of your work, to be your cheerleader, to give you good career advice—someone who has actually been on this fiction writing journey and lived to tell about it!

Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you! I don’t know of a single fiction writer or published novelist who has not felt this way. Writing novels is a tough business, and the challenges you are facing are common to us all.

"Meredith's advice was just what I needed to push my writing to another level.  The insights she gave me about POV, in particular, taught me how to plunge my readers more intimately into the mind and heart of my POV character.  The training I got from just a few pages of critique work she did for me was invaluable.  I'm glad I found her!"

Ginny Jacques, writer

Writer's notes to contact fiction editorNo one can completely erase the challenges inherent in building a career in adult or YA fiction writing. But there are solutions. You CAN make your manuscript more rejection-proof. You CAN get the level of insightful feedback you are longing for. You CAN have the most professional e-book product possible. You CAN release your creativity to flow and reach your full potential as a fiction writer.

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